Matthew Kennedy's Vision Board and Family Photo's

My Vision Board
I wanted to show everyone my vision board because I think they are so important. I am a dreamer and always will be. I was so fortunate to have parents and grandparents that always encouraged me to follow my dreams. Since I was a baby they were very supportive and loving, I have been VERY fortunate. Before I show my vision board I will show some of my awesome family. I don't have a lot of them in my life any longer but have such wonderful memories.

My Mom and Dad :) My Dad adopted me when I was 2 years old.

Uncle Doug and me :)

"Popo" Grandfather and TT my St. Bernard the one one I took my artists name after. She was an awesome dog!
"Mom" my grandmother and TT

Morro Bay Apartment in 1996 with hair... And funky glasses ;) Oh and sandals with socks - WTF?

Vision Board that I currently read in the shower...
Yes, I laminated the sheets and I read and look and dream about what my life is every morning :) I get out of the shower and I read my Goals/Plan my day in detail for another 1 hour before I start giving myself to anyone else. I find it VERY useful and I have to say I am currently living an AWESOME life! I like that I have finally gotten to the point where a lot of what is on my vision board doe not cost money. I have tried to set up my life this way so that no matter what life shit happens (cuz it always does) that I can be happy, joyous and Free. If it all goes down the tubes I have my AA Meetings and my coloring and I can be happy with that. All I can tell you is that it is working for me. When I was homeless in the van I learned how to go to the beach and just "Be" and I NEVER want to forget this treasured lesson. Going from the "rat race" in LA managing a 22 story high rise to just getting a chicken taco, going to my AA Meeting and then cruising down to the beach and taking a 3 hour nap with the ocean air coming through... Nothing better in life to me! The Goleta Pier is what I called my "Living Room" wile I was camping... It was pretty fucking awezome...
I have not hit the "Big Time" YET and may never but I will tell you I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life so I must be doing something right :) I attribute a lot of my current happiness to studying and almost making The Secret a religion of some sort. I have watched the movie about 30-40 times+ now since the van thing... and I learn something new every time I watch it. I heard Oprah saying that it was her religion on an interview and I feel the same. Anyway, this is my vision board and I hope this inspires you to make one for yourself :)

Be 23 years sober! Continue to build on my personal relationship with God - 11 Step

Be VERY Healthy! 245 Pounds!

Live a happy, joyous and free – Balanced life!

Be in loving relationships

Have Gorgeous! 😊

Be around people that I want to learn from and who I can mentor

Live in the Central Coast of California

Be a POWERFUL Giver 😊

2016 Camaro Grey and Red!

Be interviewed by Oprah and be the star artist at tattoo conventions and other shows!

Do art full time and have a beach house paid for

On-line Success! Global market place killing it!

Win the California Lotto and have $5 million+ cash

Massage every week and spoil yourself

 Value your time! 

Homeless Charity/God Van


Ceramic Tattoo Art


Last but NOT least.... - Boobies!!! 😊
I will put the politically correct version down here... My close friends will know what I mean...

I like this video from Jack Canfield about Vision Boards
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