Handmade Tattoo inspired Memorial Art by Ceramic Artist Matthew Kennedy

Description:  This is a Memorial Urn that I created for a friend's Mother. This piece was created with low fire clay made on the potter's wheel and hand carved using a tattoo machine. I used Graffiti pens to color the rim of the piece and black/red inks. I put my signature carved design around the rim and the bottom of the piece. 

I asked my friend to say some words about her Mother and she was gracious and kind enough to allow me to share them with you:

My Mom Theresa was my best friend and the person I talked to most of my adult life everyday. I can remember when her and my Dad and and sibling moved to Arkansas I ended up with the biggest telephone bill I got into so much trouble over that bill it was like over $500.00 It was hard being away from family I was 21 years old. She was there when my babies were born and I decided to go back to college. I still want to pick up my phone to hear her on the other line. My Mom is missed by me ad my three children. The last few months were hard on us all. She died not being able to say goodbye to us she spent almost a month in ICU. I had just talked her the night before she slipped into a coma where she stayed for 3 weeks before she went to say with the Angels. My Mom loved everyone she met which was not always the best thing but that was my Mom. We lost Dad 3 years before Mom so they are together again. I will forever miss my Mom.

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I want to bring peace and comfort to people grieving. Why:  I take a great amount of personal care and reverence when preparing a cremation urn for a loved one. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to be the one that prepares for the spirits final resting place. I want the person’s spirit to be in peace and be happy with what I create for them. I often ask for a picture of the loved one so that I can somehow connect with them as I go through the process of creating their final resting place so that they will approve of the piece. 

I am the first artist to use a tattoo machine to carve with on ceramics! I specialize in custom one-of-a-kind memorial urns. I can carve and tattoo pretty much any design just like a tattoo artist would do onto ceramics. Many people don’t realize that 50% of tattoos that people get are “Memorial Tattoos”. If you have a tattoo design that reminds you of your loved that you want me to tattoo on a custom cremation urn please Contact me:  Matt – tootallspottery@gmail.com
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Tina M. Clarke said…
This piece was made for my mom. She was my best friend as an adult. We were close.My mom got sick and spent a month in the hospital.She only seen the inside of the hospital during that month she didn't make it. She never got to say goodbye to me or my children. I think this piece Matt made is beautiful. My mom would have loved it. Thank you Matt for making a beautiful piece for my mom.