Handmade Tribal Wall Art by Ceramic Artist Matthew S. Kennedy

This is a tribal lion tile that I recently completed. I am experimenting with 8X10 ceramic tiles. They are difficult to create because of the warping that an occur through the drying process. Especially with a tile of this size. I love the finished product but it is not very stable yet as far as production. The tiles also are prone to crack throughout the firing and glazing process. But I will continue to create them and try and refine them. I like the fact that someone can hang my art up on the wall.

I like the crackle glaze around the design. I some beads in the upper corners and a glow in the dark 25MM Tree Cabochon to add some "jewelry" to the piece. You can purchase this piece on my Etsy Page.

Original Drawing of the Tribal Lion. This is for volume two of my new tribal coloring book sold on Amazon.

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