Pottery Studio Work

 It was a good night in the Pottery Studio :) This was my second night throwing pottery in about 5-6 years now. The first night was a humbling experience but this second night was like I never left it. Throwing pottery or whatever I guess is a lot like riding a bike you just don't forget. In fact I find that when I take breaks that I actually get better when I come back to it. I believe that if you can see it in the mind that you will see it in person. It is the law of attraction. I am getting good at using the law of attraction, it is fun when you start to get good at it. I have watched "The Secret" like 30+ times in the past 2-3 years and it is all starting to come together for me. Take s awhile just like anything else but well worth the work. 

This is where I roll out my memorial tiles.

The making of a "TooTall's Pottery Fruit Bowl. I first made this piece by having a "happy accident". I was throwing a pot and it got out of control at the top end. I just cut it off and then kind of widened it out and pinched the rim with my fingers all the way around and presto we have a fruit bowl. I sold them at the Hermosa Beach Festival and people thought they looked like sea shells cuz of the melted glass. They are fun to make. I will be selling these soon and adding this to my product line.

Glass decorated Fruit Bowl

I use a glass frit called System 96 and it is really fun to sprinkle different colors all over the piece and mix clear glaze and crackle glaze with it to create some cool effects.

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