Back in Ceramic Tattoo Art Business Again! I am merging it with California Homeless Resources!

Back In Business:  I am back in business being a working ceramic artist again. It feels great! It has been about 4-6 months since my hands have been in clay on the potter's wheel. It was hard being homeless again but well worth it. I have to say each time I stay true to myself I learn new things about the systems of my new art form. I have to thank my current client for putting me back in biz. He lost his son at a very young age and I am making a Dragon Urn for him. I will be carving two dragon designs on each side the of the piece. Below is a dragon urn I did about 2 years ago. 

New Potter's Wheel:  I was able to get a nice table top Potter's Wheel below. This way because of the space I am working in (my apartment) I can clean the wheel after I throw on it and store it in the "drying room" what is supposed to be my bedroom. My art is like my baby and it gets the bedroom and I sleep in the living room, what is wrong with this?  

These are the first two urns I threw today. 

Current Body of Work:  I am making 8X10 Tiles and am carving tattoo designs and then using a tattoo machine to fill in certain areas. They are coming out REALLY nice and I am so happy that what I envisioned in my minds eye while I was going through homelessness is coming out even better that what I could have expected this time. I have been doing ceramics for 7 years now and it has taken this whole time as a self taught ceramic artist to come into my own unique style like no one has ever seen before. When I took the pieces down to get fired the other day they were very impressed and that made me feel good. Thy were shocked about the tattoo markings and how they came out. I am excited because I know they are going to really pop when I get them inked up. 

The MOVEMENT:  I am actually going to start a movement for the homeless/mentally ill. The ceramics business I take my art to fire in the kiln is selling her business soon and I would like to take it over in a bout 2 years or less and train homeless and mentally ill people to make ceramic tattoo art tiles. I envision MANY work stations with carving tools, tattoo machines and I want to show them how to do what I am doing on tiles so they can make money through this and be employed. That way I can truly live my purpose to be a powerful giver. I want my art to live on. As I just turned the ripe old age of 43 I want my art to surpass me and this is the way in which it will. I believe every artist should pass on special talents to the next generation. I sure have had plenty of artists help me throughout the years. It is also a way to not have my homeless journey be for nothing. I went through the fire man and I want to make a difference NOW. 

Donations:  I am so excited to report that California Homeless Resources has received it's first business donation. I am not sure what the amount is yet but I will post it when I find out. It is from the great people at Me So Hungary Food Truck. I am excited to be able to go buy some very needed products and distribute them to the homeless in Ventura County.  If you want to give to California Homeless Resources you can visit this link or just e-mail/call me directly - (805)-765-1113
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