Introducing KANDIDZ

David Art is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in portrait and advertising photography with a style described as both surreal and romantic. His service focused business is based on the belief that amazing art is the result of team collaboration and working closely with his clients. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, David's work has appeared in multiple regional and national publications.

David Art discovered his passion for visual arts in high school but was convinced to pursue a 'safer' path. After attending Howard University he traveled internationally as an event manager then served as the head of Central US & Canadian Sales for VMware. Having been the top sales person all but one year, David decided that his heart was no longer in technology sales and looked for a true outlet for his creativity. During a visit to his parents home in South Carolina, his stepfather handed him a Yashica Mat TLR and it was like seeing an old friend. Six months later David founded Kandidz, began pursuing his career... and has not looked back.

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