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I have had a lot of shit going on in the last month and thought I may as well do some writing about it and get it out of my head on to the Blog. I have not really blogged a lot since I have been in my nice worm home and off the streets or Van... Just got back from my AA meeting and had some coffee so what the hell... I am in a very good spot right now at this moment, ya know like when you feel like everything is in it's place and you are on the right track with everything :) I have made some mistakes this last month and some accomplishments.

Miles:  I miss hims sooooo bad but I know that he is in a better place with my Dad cuz he has a garage and a backyard. It was to hard for him to get up and down from my stairs here. I had him for about 3 weeks. Seems like we are destined to be part for some reason but he has been such a sweetheart. I wish I was not a starving artist and that I could have him by me all the time. But I have learned that all we really are are stewards for the pets in our lives. All we can do is love them in the time that we have them, even if that is only 3 weeks at a time. 

Artist lifestyle:  "Bi-Polar" that is the word to use for this month... I got on a Chocolate kick (it depresses me and is like Crack cocaine) and I am just now getting off of it like 3 weeks later. It is serious shit for me. I take Prozac and have for the last 16 years. Chocolate interacts with my mental shit and well... Food is a real issue and always will be. Constant issue but hey all you can do is try right? I have found out that being a full time artist is FUCKING HARD! Ya, and it is something to take very seriously if you want to hang and not sell out. I have to keep myself in a great mental, physical, emotional and spiritual place to be able to produce art that is acceptable to me. My house has to be in order before I can actually sit down comfortably and produce. The flowers have to be watered, the eating has to be in check, the house cleaned, the chores done for the park I manage and the business side of things for the art itself. When the fuck are you supposed to do art? That has been my big challenge this month and really for the last few years trying to become a full time artist is finding that balance and schedule to get to the point where everything is firing on all cylinders and life is good. I feel like I am almost there.. I can smell it and see the light at the end of the tunnel so that is good. I am still broke as shit and eating a lot of bread but I can see the potential in the biz and it looks really good as long as I can keep my shit together. I find that not only does my house have to be in order but also pottery for me is very sexual and sensual. I like it to feel that way. Sex is our strongest human emotion and one that I like to tap into when I do my art. That is why Woman and my interaction with them is so important as well to my art. Learned about that this month and setting some healthy boundaries for myself as well. Won't go into detail right now.. I am still trying to be my "authentic self" like they say in all the social media books about growing your online presence.. It is working slowly but surely as I find out who the hell I am as a full time artist/person. I am melding everything together right now and hopefully for the rest of my life. I am trying to put down some roots here in San Diego so I can grow my art and life. I am managing a property (living on-site), doing my art, gardening, and trying to expand my social circle. Life is good.. 

This is my new favorite Video!!! :)

My Garden:  This is such a beautiful thing for me right now. I am landscaping the whole fucking park haha. I love it. I can play Mr. Miyagi all day long if I want to. :) Gardening is actually teaching me so much.. I am using it as my serenity/balance right now instead of smoking and instead of spending money and etc.......... It is something I can nurture for free right now and see it grow. It is becoming very beautiful. I like my job and where God has placed me right now. I am in the perfect place to grow my business and my life. I am used to having things FASTER than what they have been coming but so are a lot of Americans right now with the economy, etc... I don't feel like the lone stranger in this that is for sure. Especially when I add a City to California Homeless Resources every morning. 

Dating:  Ya dating sucks but I am trying to embrace it as just meeting new people and expanding my social network. I had a real life stalker! Ya, she finally went away after I filed a restraining order.  I need to be careful... ;) This is the second one I have had this year. I need to keep setting those healthy boundaries...... or finding out what the hell they are LOL.. I have realized this month that when you grow up at 13 years old being allowed to have sex in your room with the door shut that those boundaries don't come to naturally even at the age of 41 ;) I am learning though and this stalker shit was a loud sign from my Higher Power haha. 

Ceramic Tattoo Art Website:  I have updated my Ceramic Tattoo Art Website recently. Check it out and tell me what you guys think? I changed the links to red, added some bands/music that inspires me, updated the gallery page, added some Paypal buttons and got an Etsy Account. I am getting ready to sell some lower price point items like my Fruit Bowls, Vases, Tribal Plates, etc...  I have realized too that this site and my California Homeless Resources site are my "Real Estate" it does not matter if I am Homeless I can still build this and no one can take it away. They both still are a big part of me and expressing myself. They are getting bigger and I can't wait till I gets some celebrity support when the site(s) are done in June. I want them to be complete by June 3rd my B-Day. I did a page for Sylvester Stallone and put his art on the front page of the site. He has been an inspiration to be all my life LOVE the Rocky movies.
The Mermaid Piece: This is the latest Ceramic Tattoo Art that I am most proud of. It is the first real piece that has some one's actual tattoo turned into a carving and put on one of my pieces. I like it and used water colors to make it look like a tattoo. I am still a long way off from building a good portfolio of this Tattoo Style but it is coming slowly but surely. 

OMG! What a beautiful woman!!! I added Ivory Kalber this week to the site here. I received a message from her personally thanking me for the PR. What a nice thing and it really makes me want to touch and reach out to more celebrities via social networking. It is really fun to Blog and do these pages for them because it establishes real relationships with these people. It is also number one a thing that I can give to another person and that juices me. I can use my talent as a web designer to give something to another person and that makes me feel good :) 

Dad In the Hospital:  Dad is in the Hospital again but he is doing OK and is going to have surgery on a week or so when his gall stones calm down and they can get him stable. 

So ya, life goes on and this is the only one ya have so LIVE it to the fullest people!!! :)

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