Mermaid Ceramic Tattoo Urn

This is the latest Ceramic Tattoo Urn that I have created. It is special because it reflects an actual tattoo. Up to this point I have been doing a lot of simple tribal designs with bold lines. This piece was carved with a v-tool and then painted with water color to recreate the shading that tattoo ink would make. I think for my first one it turned out really nice. The would lid is hand turned on the wood lathe and it is an exotic wood called "Wenge" it comes from Africa. 

This is the tattoo of my friend on Facebook. It was really fun to try and re-create it as best as I could. 

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Petmemorial said…
I love tattoos.... keep on blogging for more updated post !! Cat Urn
tattoosdesigns said…
This is very fine design . Can only be made by a fine artist .
The mermaid tattoo is looking beautiful on the urn.Great art :)