Eternity Urn

This is the "Eternity Urn" that I just carved and tattooed for a personal client. I really like the way it turned out. Wish I could finish it right now so you could see the white crackle glaze and the Black Ice glaze, it is going to be pretty awesome I think. Should have a finished piece in a couple of weeks so check back and join this blog! :)

I also worked on some TT Necklaces today and got some cool new beads at the "Black Bead" down in Ocean Beach this weekend. It is always fun looking for new beads.. 

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Rev Cynthia said…
LOVE seeing your Art process! This design reminds me of something that my grandmother used to say: "Simple & in Good Taste." EXACTLY!!! Can't wait to see the finished glazed & fired urn!
Chang Poulin said…
Wow! This is a nice piece, Matthew! You really brought out your hidden talent on this masterpiece. What did your client say after they saw your work? Were they amazed at the craft technique, and cunning dexterity that was required to make it?