Ceramic Tattoo Art Daily Journal 7-18-12

It has been a goal of mine for years to try and keep a daily journal. I like to write but it is hard to get into any kind of new routine. I believe that this is good for me not only for advertising my Ceramic Tattoo Art biz but also good for me as a person/artist. I heard one of my favorite inspirational speakers (Tony Robbins) say that: "a life worth living is a life worth documenting". In this age of social media it is so easy to have this electronic diary and to let the world know who and what you are all about. I like being a artist because I can live wide open and not hide anything. I guess you don't just have to be an artist to live open and honest.. Anyway as you can tell it is late 12:21AM and I am about to go to bed but wanted to get something down. 

Today I made TT Necklaces to give away. I made about 30 of them total. 

Carved some rocks for the top of my urn lids.

Then I threw on the potters wheel 3 different urns for some clients I have received orders from this week. 

Me being stupid.. 

This is the drying room so far.. I am having a couple of people come over on Saturday to see about purchasing a Companion Urn. I think that is great that they want to get this prepared for there family before that time comes.  I want to have a few pieces in process to show some different shapes.

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Rev. Cynthia said…
As a fellow artist, I love seeing your process! It's inspirational - especially the photo of you being your silly self!!! :-)