My good friend  Tammy Jo Hobby Potter has given me this idea for a blog post today, check her website!    She is doing a Chopmark collection. She requested a picture of the way any potter signs his or her piece of pottery. I have included my signature below. I think she is right in that the signature is so important and such a special part of the piece. It really makes me feel good every time I sign the bottom of a piece. You can read here the meaning behind my artists signature "TT". I remember reading  a book on Maria Martinez one of my favorite Potters. She often states that she "dresses" her babies after she finishes them. I feel the same way about my pieces.. I think every piece I create is one of my babies because it was born out of my spirit and because pottery is such a personal part of my expression. It is like I am sharing my soul with the world every time I choose to sign a piece and put it out into the world.
Bottom of a Bonsai Pot

 I make these rock necklaces to give out to my special friends. :)

I also have a wonderful friend of mine that made me this AWESOME potters stamp (Bryan Blaha with Jewelry my Tattoo) and necklace to match! It is my prized possession. I love it and he has a business model based off of the Tattoo industry as well. Check out his site! 

I am so excited to report that I was given free a FULL PAGE advertisement on my biz Ceramic Tattoo Art in Skin and Art Magazine! I will have one coming out next month as well. Look for the magazine in 7-11 and Barnes and Nobles should be coming out sometime this week. 80,000+ circulation! This could be a big break for my little Ceramic Tattoo Art biz!

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Rev. Cynthia said…
Matt~ your tattoo pottery is AMAZING! And the urns w/ "ink" art are a beautiful reminder of loved ones, who chose to tattoo their bodies in life, but who no longer walk among us.
Rev. Cynthia
Anonymous said…
God is the potter...