My Back Tattoo...

This is a drawing my Grandfather (Popo) drew when he was alive. I have it hanging in my van now.. He was a wonderful artist, he drew and painted. I loved the "space men" that he painted towards the end of his life. He passed about 2 years ago now. I hope to get a hold of those paintings when I finally light somewhere..

Anyway, this drawing below is going to be the back piece for my "Jungle Theme" tattooed body.. I will color it in.

This is my current Tattoo, not yet colored in.. Again when I get more $ and settle down I will be continuing and I will color it in as well. I want all kinds of Jungle characters hanging out on my body.. :)

A new Friend of mine had this picture up on Facebook today and it reminded me of this project I am working on (Thank you).. I need to continue for myself. :)

 Circle round for Freedom. Circle round for Peace. 
For All of us in prison, circle for release. 
Circle for the Planet. Circle for each Soul. For the children of our children, 
Keep the Circle Whole ♥