Introducing David de Lara

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David de Lara is an Austin, Texas based artist and photographer. For more than a decade he has created original artwork of women that has been described as sensual, edgy, and provocative with an air of mystery. His work has been exhibited throughout Texas in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi and nationally in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Albuquerque, Detroit, and Tampa.
The women in David’s paintings and drawings are usually not based on anyone in particular. They’re like dolls used to represent the human condition. They often portray his thoughts, experiences, and philosophies. Although what he creates is presented from his point of view, what people interpret and connect with from his work is very telling about the common ground everyone has.
David’s artistic glamour photography is a natural extension of his art since women are the subject matter for both. Sometimes the images of the models he photographs are manipulated to blur the line between the reality and surrealism of life. There is an interaction of what is real and what isn’t that goes beyond the captured image to create something with a new meaning.
graphite & coffee on 11″x14″ paper
Here is another coffee toned drawing. The thing about using coffee is that I can only use it after I’ve brewed a batch. That means I can only paint with whatever’s left in the morning. At least I know I won’t be drowsy when I start to work.

model: Theresa Manchester
hair: Jennifer Kraack
Some nights are best spent hanging out in a swanky hotel suite.
“Impetus Theory”
digital photo manipulation
model: Velcoity (well, most of her anyway)
I originally wanted to have Velocity’s disembodied head floating above her body. Every photo combination I tried just looked silly. When I started playing with this image and removed her head, I figured I’d start wiping out the rest of her from existence… When taken out of context, that sounds like some bizarre murder.
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