Cigar Review - The Square little Villiger Cigar - Great Smoke!

I really enjoyed this cigar this morning. I thought shit I blog so I will start blogging occasionally about the cigars I smoke. I enjoy the little, I like to call them "Coffee Cigars". Usually a sweeter all natural cigar is what I smoke. This is the Companies Website but I like the Thompson website for the best deals locally and for the product description. 

Cigars to me are a lot like fine wine. I really enjoy using my taste of smell to just take my time and be in the moment with a fine little cigar. One of life little pleasures that yes is bad for you but you only live once... ;)

This Cigar took about 15-20 minutes to smoke a little longer than the smaller ones I smoke but not to long. The pre taste of the cigar (having it in your mouth dry) was a bit harsha and I didn't like the pre-taste. One drawback for me is this, that I could not really enjoy the pre-taste before I actually light it up. I had the cigar with my Kurig coffee pots "Newmans Own" one fo the best line of K-Cps in my opinion. The cigar had a deep, rich flavor and I liked the squareness to it for the feel in my hand while I was smoking. The packaging is  cool in that each one is indiviually wrapped in paper. Looks fancy and again really liked the squareness. Even though I burned it wrong when I lighted it, it still burned very evenly and not to fast or slow. Overall good smoke and I will buy it again. I hope you liked this review and till next time... :)

The name might not be extravagant but if it's good enough for celebrities such as Clint Eastwood, Don Johnson, and even "Th
e King," Elvis Presley himself you know it can't be too bad! And believe it or not, there's a quote from Demi Moore (Now Demi Kutcher) saying this is her absolute favorite smoke.

Mellow and flavorful, Villiger cigarillos and little cigars have been all the rage in Europe since their inception over 125 years ago. Still family-owned in Switzerland, Villiger cigars and cigarillos are now available in America, allowing cigar lovers to experience the smoothness of Villiger without crossing the pond. Try the Villiger Export, which offers the robustness of a Sumatra, or consider the Villiger Export Mild if you enjoy the flavor combinations of the Export but prefer something more mild. Or consider the ever-popular Braniff, which is constructed with only the finest Mexican San Andres Valley wrappers for a quality smoke. Flavored cigarillos from Villiger are also available. Created with Danish pipe tobacco in flavors such as cherry, honey, or vanilla, these smoky treats are precisely wrapped with Natural Indonesian leaf for a sweet, even burn.

The mild cigars made by Villiger consist of short-filler from South America. Overall these cigars are well-balanced and smooth. This classic smoke is perfect for the golf course, office, or even after breakfast. The Villiger Family has been keeping their products classy for over 100 years, I suggest you do the same by getting your hands on a box of Villigers