Paradise Found - Beautiful Poem by one of my AA Friends...

Paradise Found
September 20th, 2011 12:42PM
Santa Barbara, California
Illuminating rays of the sun magnify the beauty of the clandestine ocean, revealing supplant rippling waves, which elegantly flow in sequential motion. Seagulls soar beneath the glistening powdered blue sky, while flying gracefully along the white seascape ocean tide.

The offshore breeze brings upon a soothing mist that gently caresses my face with a tender afternoon innocent kiss. As the wind guides the palm trees' curvy elastic sway, I am absorbing every moment of this last sunlit summers day.

The tears of thwarted love no longer sprinkle down upon my sleeve, likened to a rivers' current when it greets the massive sea. Setting-sail 47 days ago without a planned charted course, bringing hope filled dreams  to guide me, and love of life as a source. Taking a risk, and throwing caution to the westward wind, I've found this peace of heaven for my broken heart to mend. 

I lift my glass high to grant a heartfelt toast, to a successful life along this serenely tranquil coast. Bidding one final farewell to a stormy shipwrecked past, while dropping anchor and lowering my spirited mast. The quest for paradise has ended and about to start  a new, as I embrace Santa Barbara without much further ado. 

The people are extremely friendly at this blissful port side town, bestowing kindred spirits upon me without a solitary frown. The silhouette of picturesque Santa Cruz Island inspired me to write this poem, and also to christen this lovely place my home. 

Follow your heart follow your dreams...


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