California Homeless Resources

Please take a couple minutes to give your input. I have made “California Homeless Resources” a large part of the Ceramic Tattoo Art website. Just give me any positive or negative input. Basically what I am doing is listing the services that I had to utilize in my previous 6 month “Camping” Journey. My thought was to list the particular resources in every City in California. I am basically just “scraping the web” using Google to find local resources that would be helpful to homeless people or people like myself that have never experienced this kind of economy before. I want as many resources to be available in one place for people so they can get the help they need fast. It is my way of giving back but I don’t want to waste time inserting resources in every City before others see it and give me input. I have done a page for Santa Barbara and one for Ventura. The Santa Barbara page I did a month ago and I just completed the Ventura page.

·         The link to “California Homeless Resources” is at the top of the website. Please surf around and look at the City of Ventura Link here:

I am looking for input such as:

·         If you were in this position tomorrow (facing being homeless) would this be of help to you?
·         What do you think I missed?
·         Do you think it is a big waste of time cuz people can go to the library and Google all this shit anyway?
·         Any input you can give would be great!
Thank you very much! Matt