All moved in... but can't sit still...

Want to sleep but to soon to go to bed... I am so tired from moving but it is nice to be in. Charby is loving it and we are as snug as a bug in a rug at night now.. It is weird though I find myself not being able to stop. I keep running errands and staying away from the house and "on the move" still.  It is going to take a bit I guess to get settled again living "normal" and staying in one place. See when you are "Camping" and on the go all the time 24 hours a day you are in constant movement. A friend of mine in the program told me that when I started my camping journey. She told me how when I get back into a place I won't know what to do with myself and she was right... I feel out of place and I need to let myself slow down and breath.. It is a weird having to say that but it is true. I only feel safe now traveling in the van or on the go. I found myself missing Charby in the van and thinking to myself I could go home and sleep but still stayed out and about doing things. I am sure it will settle down. She called today I should call her back and ask her how to settle down.. I guess I will meditate and maybe watch some Netflix. I need to stay  up so I will sleep through the night.