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Well today was kinda weird.. It started out really good in that I got up at 7:00AM and went for my normal 1 hour swim and it was raining. I never have swam in the rain and it was pretty awesome I must say. I liked the sound of the rain hitting the water when I went under the water, it was like a tinkling sound. The jacuzzi was cool too with the mist and all, very cool morning and a great way to wake up. Then  I went to the studio to turn the kiln on for another test firing. and have a cup of java. Turned it on and went to an AA meeting at the Community Center, that was cool, the topic was Character defects and God knows I have some of those.. So so far so good then I just crapped out for energy and broke down and got some Whoppers and some M&M's not cool for Matt to eat Chocolate!  It is like Crack to me and it totally depresses me.. So I fell asleep in my sugar comma and here I am after my nap feeling very weird... Oh I also went to the art store here in Santa Barbara (Art Essentials) and I was talking with my friend Kurtis (painter) and the manager of Art Essentials. He is a very nice guy and very talented artist. Check out his website

Oh, I also got some totally cool toys for the van! I will take some pics and post them.. They are very cool -

This one is neat, it has a ball inside that lights up and blinks. Going to hang it on the ceiling in the van..
This one lights up when you push a button. I like glow in the dark and things that light up to play with them at night in the van. 
 This one lights up too when you shake it. 
 I know this one is a litle gay but I like to twirl things when I am board or thinking about shit. 
 This was a must! It is some gel shit that GLOWS in the dark. Again I like anything that glows in the dark for the van at night. They had a very cool Moon that I am going to get that actually has a remote control that puts light at different parts of the moon. It is called:  Uncle Milton Moon in My Room. This is next on the list... I am obsessing a bit on these toys but fuck it I feel like if I am going to camp in the van I am going to have fun with it..
 This is some gel shit too that looks really cool in the package we will see what it smells like.. Either way it will look cool in the van. I am using velcro to put up all the toys. I will take a pic of the van soon and post it. I want some more toys firs like 2- 300 haaaaa

So I am attempting to write to this Blog every day again to see if I can spread it around and get some attention for the art biz. I need to get some thoughts out anyway and feel that it is therapeutic... Got some clay today and am going to roll out some wall hangings templates tonight so I can hopefully carve some more stuff tomorrow if they dry in time. 

Yesterday I subscribed to a bunch of social networks:
  1.  Plenty of Fish:  I like this site in that it is free and I have met some really cool people. I recommend it if you are single like me...
  2.  OK Cupid:  I just registered for this site last night and it seems to be pretty cool. Again this dating site is free and you have to answer questions to increase your chances of finding someone. It seems to be pretty thorough and I think I will like it. 
  3. Squidoo:  Jury is still out on this one. You build lenses and I guess they are like little web pages. It is a little hard to learn and it may just piss me off to much to take the time to post to it every day? We will see, I will keep you posted on that. 
  4. Bebo:  This site is again a little weird to post to so we will see...
  5. YFriog:  I like this Social site because it is based on posting your pictures and people comment on them. I have been watching Google analytics and I am getting some good traffic from this site so I will be definitely posting to this one and using it to spread to other networks. 
  6. Meetup:  This is a another good one for local events. I have already received some very useful e-mails form a group I applied to for local Santa Barbara art happenings.. I think I will like this one too, especially for local art events and making some local contacts.
  7. Orkut:  This one is OK it is like Facebook and I don't know it is OK , it is easy to post to so we will see.
  8. Hi5:  This one is like you build an avatar and play games I don;t know if this one will be good or not.. 
  9. Friendster: Again like Facebook and I don;t know it just doesn't seem to compete... But there a lot of people on it. I have had some success with this site in the past. 
On a whole the biz is going good and seems to be going along at a decent pace. I hope I will be able to get to the show in late Oct. I jury for the Santa Barbara art show next Tuesday the 11th. Then I have to pay $300.00 for 6 month (cheep) this is a good show with a lot of decent traffic. I am looking forward to giving out my necklaces to people I meet. 

I am also making a lot of these necklaces. They are pretty easy to make and it will make a real nice promotional mini present... I will put the strung necklace with my artist signature in a little baggy with a label that has the website and phone number on it and then staple a new biz card to the outside of that so that hopefully I can get some people from the show look at the site and get the word out. 

The kiln is still giving me trouble and it seems like this is the missing link right now kinda holding me back but it will get fixed and I will be able to finish some cool pieces.

 I have about 17 pieces that are ready to be fired but the kiln needs to work good before I trust it with my finished pieces. Ordered some new elements (the wire that heats up in the kiln to 2000 degrees) and it should be here in a couple days. I then need to spend some more cash to go down to dzigns in San Marcos and get some wholesale bad ass frames for my ceramic tiles. I am really excited to see the final product. They are going to be very colorful and really hit you. It is hard to have patience right now being so close to bringing it to market. I am getting excited and at the same time I am frustrated about he kiln and getting the $ to bring it to the public. :)

Oh ya and of course I am listening to Kid Fucken ROCK! So Hott...