157th Day of Camping....

5 months and 7 days... 
I have been "Camping" for 5 months and 7 days now. I am not like the above picture, (yet). We can all be here so fast it would make your head spin.. I said that I was not going to blog about this shit anymore and that I was just going to move on but I can't I feel like I need to tell my story and I actually like having a "story" to tell. I am also going to do this for the many people that I am meeting with this economy that are in the same boat. I have a link on my site dedicated to pages that I will be adding to my website it is called "California Homeless Resources". It seems like I am driven to give back what has been so freely given to me. God has really blessed me in that I got on Temporary disability. I found out (after I lost all of my shit and ended up in the van) that I could have gotten this but didn't get it done in time after my unemployment ran out. One of the reasons I will continue to blog about this subject and my journey. People hit with this like me that are not used to having to deal with this kind of thing need to know about what resources are available here in California. I am good at looking up resources and I already design my own website for my art business so this fits well together. 

I have decided to stay in the van even though I make about $2,900 a month right now on disability. I need to save and be careful every step of the way. I will be going back to school part time to improve my career goals in Property Management. I am also trying to start my Ceramic Tattoo Business and might actually be moving into a tattoo shop which I am very exited about. I have chosen to stay in the van for a few reasons:
1. Money:  Need to save right now. 
2. Physical Fitness:  I am in the best dam shape of my life, I swim every morning for 1 hour about 2 miles because this is how I take my shower when I wake up. I LOVE it and it has been a life changer for me personally. I know if I rented an apartment that I would not continue to work out. I am single anyway what do I really need.. You would be surprised at what you really do need if you end up here which I pray no one has to do but know a lot of people will in the near future.  
3. It is freeing:  I like the fact that my home is where I go and is always with me. I spill something on my shirt I go change real quick.. I need to check the Internet, I go on the laptop. I need something to eat I go in an get it. I want a cup of coffee form my Keurig Coffee Maker I go get one. It is actually very cool once you get it down.
4. I Pimped my Ride: Haha I have dumped some money in this bitch.. Your would never know it form the outside but the inside looks really neat now.. I have it full of toys.. I just got the "moon in my room" it is a moon that I put on the roof and it actually has a remote control that changes the "lunar phases" automatically with a 3-0 minute time so it put me to sleep. I love it, I am not your average "homeless dude" I have a smart phone with Verizon 4 G Internet access and all new shit - Computer, printer, all kinds of shit. I feel comfortable in it. Shit it really is camping not being homeless.. I have it so good here in Goleta.. The weather is awesome, it is safe, it;s paradise man. It is the people in LA and such that are really in need. I will be giving 10% of all art sales proceeds to many charities listed on the site.   

I read before I started this little journey that people can succeed in this position and they were right, it happend for me I have learned more about myself living in this van with Charby (the road Kitty).. 

This is a movie I saw last night. I totally recommend it! It is called Finding Joe.
It is about staying true to your dreams and living with passion. They said there are two roads, one black which is the easy road that most people take and the red road and this is the "heroes Journey" this is the windy, curvy tougher road but the one that will be most fulfilling in the end. I am definitely on the red road and I am actually learning to slay my dragons. They have this thing throughout the movie where the dragon represents the "fears" that hold people back form living there best life. Watch it, it is totally worth it!