TooTall's Pottery is Back...

It has been a rough road but I persevered... I have my new studio bought and paid for! I am keeping my expenses way down this time and making the business leaner and meaner that ever before. I am just focusing on Tattoo wall art now.  I will be going to the Santa Barbara art show every weekend starting on or around 9/1/11. I should have some inventory by then. I will also be marketing the 8x10 Tattoo Wall Art to Tattoo Shops directly. Currently I am focusing on doing a test firing today of my new little kiln I bough this last week.
This new studio is in the heart of Isla Vista a very cool college town right next to UCSB College. I like it cuz the bands practice in this space and they kick some major ass. Maybe I can feature some of them someday soon. Anyway, I have it all set up and am going to start rolling out some slabs of clay and get my ass carving. Here is one I did yesterday just as a test tile but it cracked. I got some wood to dry the tiles with so it should be cool now (I hope)... All I have to do now is order some cards and stickers for the show...

Here are the pics of the new Tattoo Art Studio:


I am so happy to see that things are getting better for you man. believe me I have been concerned about you. It really sucks not having been able to have helped you. Keep up the hard work!
Michael W Moses
Paisleystorm said…
dude - very happy to see things are looking up for you - I have been following your story from a far - silent stalker i think is what my friend calls me - lol. I am totally in love with your work. Combines my love of tattoo's, ceramics and art all into one. So congrats on the studio - I just left a place where I could have afforded a studio to live in the mountains where all i can afford is peace of mind but it sure is a lot nicer than gunshots and sirens 24/7. Next time you want to take a camping trip - hit me up - Yosemite entrance only 20 min away ;) would love to meet you sometime - I think we have chatted on fb once or twice - i found you on ArtThrob's fb account.

Best wishes and keep up the good work. Maybe i can "donate" a real blog to you that you can throw some advertising on and make a few pennies a day in your sleep. brings me about $150 a month :)