43rd Day of Camping...

Posted by Matthew S. Kennedy 805-765-1113

OK, this sucks, have I said that recently.. I miss my apartment but you know life could be a hell of a lot worse I am going to choose to continue to tell myself that. I have such good friends in the program. I am so blessed to have good friends at this time of my life. I am glad I made the choice to be more social and put myself out there more. The meeting tonight was on Trust and what a great topic for me. I reflected a bit on that last night and I am not going to get into that at all anymore so... I now get to experience being homeless and sick now - goody! So I am sitting here again at McDonlad's I am sure everyone is happy to heat that again... Ya, I don't know what to write but it is nice to have people that are actually reading this blog. I do feel so supported by my friends that is a totally new experience for me. I never allowed myself to have friends.. I always just wrapped my whole life up in the woman I was with at the time. The trust topic was a good one for me cuz I need to learn how to take care of myself better and trust but not let myself be blinded like before. That is another lesson I need to learn - Jesus there have been a lot of lessons... I am glad at least that I am now recognizing them and am willing to learn. The quicker the better so I can get on with it. I have a good shot at working with the homeless at Casa Esperanza. I would really like to try it and hell I need the money so anything is better than nothing. When I went there to check it out it scared the hell out of me personally. I was thinking about that today that I wanted to blog on that whole thing. It is cool for people that are not sober or mentally ill. This is the mission statement:

Casa Esperanza Homeless Center
Our mission is to assist homeless individuals
and families achieve self-sufficiency, by helping
as many as possible access the services they
need to transition to stable employment and

Casa Esperanza is open 24 hours a day, 365
days a year. Offering a wide array of services
for the homeless, with an emphasis on both
emotional and physical health, 12 different
program partners collaborate to bring recovery
to the homeless — all under one roof.

I like the mission but was fucken downright scared when I walked into the facility. Not scared just kinda blown away. You know many years ago the States discontinued a lot of the mentally ill facilities and these poor people ended up on the street and then into facilities such as these. I walked in and they had a security officer at the front of the building and some tripped out people at the gate to "welcome" you in. I don't know it was trip. I am not going to judge it to hard at this point in time. Especially since I am applying for a job there. I can only tell you my truth and what I experienced when I went there for the first time a week ago. They have a 10:00AM meeting anyone can attend every day to see if they can get a bed and possibly stay there. I showed up about 9:30 and did not stay for he "orientation". I think it is a facility that is needed for people that can not get sober and are really struggling. I understand that EVERYONE needs help and that each individual has a completly different story. Who am I to judge right, I went there for possible help. It is something that is strange a week ago I went for help and today I applied for a job and may get it.  If I did get the job and get into Social work I think I would like it and be well suited for it. This may be the direction that God is pointing me to? We will see. I have a friend that i did a website for that has a Husband that used to work there and knows everyone so I think I can get in. It only pays like $1-13.00 Hr. but who cares if I remain living in the van. Actually it could be a benefit cuz I can keep my free medical if I make less than $1,800 a month. That is worth about $450.00 to me so what the hell. I would still be able to pick up part time work and be able to pay back my debt quickly. I just am a little nervous about staying in the van long term but hey if I want a change and to stay in Paradise I better get used to it right, No rich relative here man... 

This is the job description in Craig's List:

Job Developer, Manager (Casa Esperanza Homeless Ctr)

Date: 2011-05-18, 9:57AM PDT
Reply to: imeldaloza@casa-esperanza.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Casa Esperanza Homeless Center is looking for a Job Development resource coach with facility operations experience.

Shelter and Personnel responsibilities:
• Ensure safety of shelter and surroundings
• Ensure adequate staffing for PM/Swing shift
• Supervise and train staff
• Maintain staff work schedule
• Ensure cleanliness of shelter and surroundings
• Coordinate and supervise Volunteers that will be assisting staff with projects
• Maintain inventory logs
• Maintain Good Neighbor Report Log
• Maintain supplies, inventory and equipment.
• Ensure up-keep of building systems and equipment
• Oversee building and equipment repairs and purchase
• Walk, stand, sit, kneel, bend, and twist
• Lift up to 50lbs
• Able to see for at least 25 feet with or without the aid of corrective lenses

Job Development responsibilities:
• Assess unemployed members on the JD program and create a personalized employment action plan
• Coach/teach members with “Job Readiness” such as but-not-limited-to initiating an email account, writing cover letters and resumes, perform mock job interview, tips for “Dress for Success”
• Assist employed members, as needed or required
• Connect members with community employment resources
• Supervise in-house community beautification project
• Work with other RCs to carry out members’ employment action plans. Attend management meetings as needed
• Meet numeric placement goals for job placement
• Maintain an accurate data base & member case note records
• Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to develop the Job Development Volunteer Program