34th day of camping... Watching TV at Denny's

OK, I am at Denny's trying to watch a movies called "Panic" it is taking forever to "buffer" or whatever the hell it is called. We will see I have never watched a movie on Youtube before? I am having TV withdrawals and need to watch something - is that not sad! You would think I would have something to read or something to think about or do besides watching TV but I am so used to it and it is such a part of my life. Fuck it I like it so I will watch the movie now and report to you how it was. I like John Ritter from threes Company and this is the FREE movie section by the way on Youtube.

Movie sucked and I am watching another one..

This Thing of Ours

That was a great movie OK the acting was not the greatest but hey oh it was a mob movie and I love mob movies so ya it was a good time at Denny's tonight and I think I may be able to go to bed now. I need to get up early and start this week of getting a new job. I wonder what the week will bring....
Till next time...