25th Day of Camping... Homeless in Santa Barbara Ca.

This blogging everyday is getting pretty cool. The Goleta Beach by the pier is becoming my living room in the late afternoon and the McDonlad's is the kitchen/Internet room late at night to blog at haha. It is getting very bearable at this point and actually a little fun to challenge myself to see if I can make this work out to my benefit. Wow, I was telling my Dad today the amount of money that I could save by living this way for a while. It is pretty amazing.

I went to Men's Warehouse today and got all my dress pants altered since I have lost about 25 pounds at the gym. There was a real rude asshole that was at the front. I got to tell him in front of his employees that I didn't like him and that I am so fucken glad that I didn' have to work with him in a very calm and low voice. It was pretty awesome and ya I know that is not the AA way but fuck it sometimes you just have to tell people that they suck ya know. Someone shit in his Wheaties this morning and he wanted to take it out on the rest of the population.

Anyway, it was a pretty dam good day today. The gym was cool and I had a great workout this morning. Went to a great AA Meeting at 12:00 the topic was having paitence. Something I have to work on every day.. pottery has tought me a lot of paitence but I still need to work on it! I did think to myself there is also a form of false paitence which I guess would be called denial. I was in denial with my ex in that I thought well, I will just have patience for a change in this relationship and maybe she will change - WRONG! fuck that I will never do that shit again. OK, I am still working the the resentment... I also heard that when you are frustrated that something is about to happen, this has always been the case for me personally so it is not always a bad thing to be frustrated. Frustration means that I am not going in the right direction and need to change something or my thinking.

Anyway, then I called the Mac Store and asked them if I could download Itunes onto a regular MP3 player and they said no you have to have the ipod or shuffle or something if you want to use Itunes to download music for free. It is a good deal though and something that I will get when I have some money cuz it is better than paying $14.95 for Napster when I can pay for a shuffle and get all the music for free. that was cool news..

I must say it is nice not to have to watch TV and the CNN News all the time too. It just makes you feel depressed anyway and I am really enjoying other things like having time with Charby at the beach and being outside. I can always watch the TV on the computer anyway..

I love this dam video just thought I would post it again. If you have the time watch it all the way though as it gets so much better and better. I think it sounds very cool..

Love Kid Rock... Good interview if you missed it 3 months ago...

As I see it my goals I set for myself last year are going to be somewhat on track actually. They are form the book "Think and Grow Rich" I have a van paid for now. I have not created financial security with TooTall's Pottery YET but am on my way with my new living arrangement. I have the bike pad down cuz I am selling it haha. Fuck it it is working out. I am looking forward to getting back into the pottery/tattoo game very soon. Actually I am going to start looking for studio space and getting my shit together again. I also will be able to take my art to Tattoo conventions now cuz of the van now. I will buy a bike cash in a few months. I will also hopefully be making $3,000+ by the end of this month so I can accomplish that goal and further my career.

This is what I wrote (Goals) a year ago - July 7th - Sober B-Day

Definite Chief Aim Self Supporting - Happy, Joyas and FREE! Priorities:  Sobriety, Family, Business/Art July 4th to July 7th (Sober B-Day) My Definite Chief Aim is:  I will create financial security through TooTall’s Pottery to enable me to feel Happy Joyas and Free!  I will GIVE back what has so freely been given to me.  Happy joyas and free is about giving and then receiving. In order to accomplish this I will work every day on TooTall’s Pottery, keeping myself in great physical, spiritual and mental/emotional shape as to be able to listen for the guidance and inspiration that God will give to me.  This will give me clarity of mind body and spirit to get the answers as I need them. I will keep the fire of desire burning by continually reading books that inspire me.  I will keep in perfect harmony the Master Mind alliance that I have started in the physical and mental form to help me attain my definite chief aim.  I will remember my Priorities:  Sobriety, Family, Business/Art. I will make it part of my daily routine to ATTRACT to me the type of people who have a sense of excellence about their work and who want to excel.  In return for their help I will give each person the full benefit of my years of experience.  By helping others, I will benefit by attracting good people to work with and for me. At the end of the first year of business (July 7th 2011)

 1.       I will have the bike paid off and a van paid for giving me the means to make money from art shows and advance the business while continuing to pay down the credit card.

 2.       Be totally self supporting and making a nice monthly income = No less than $3,000 net per month!

The Sixteen Principles of Personal Achievement What new thing can I learn today?

The master mind alliance ·  A Definite chief aim ·  Self Control ·   The habit of saving ·  Initiative and leadership ·  Imagination · Enthusiasm · Self Control · The habit of doing more than paid for · A pleasing personality · Accurate thinking · Concentration · Cooperation · Profiting by failure · Tolerance · The golden rule - Cosmic Habit force – It is the natural habit of the human mind to try and make whatever thought you hold in your mind come true in reality.