23rd day of Camping...

Posted by Matthew S. Kennedy 805-765-1113

Getting better... I am actually getting used to living in the van and will probably stay in the dam thing for a while. I thought shit I could make 1/2 what I did before and be in great shape if I can get used to it. I will be able to pay her off in no time.. I would be ahead of the game and actually it has some major benefits for this weirdo:

1. I go to the gym every day and swim after relaxing in the jacuzzi first thing in the morning. I am loosing weight and am actually getting some muscles.. I like the gym! Your health is really your true wealth! I realized this a couple days ago when I pulled a neck muscle trying to change my shirt in the van and was on my back in the van for a couple days - NOT COOL for your emotional stability!
2. I eat better. I know it sounds weird but I have to eat good for a few reasons number one being that you really don't want to have the shits at 2:00AM parked on the street with no bathroom facilities in site... number two being on food stamps or a tight budget always helps me cuz I have a eating disorder and makes it simpler for me to make good food choices. If I have a little bit of money it makes it easier for me for some weird ass reason. I think to myself well, I better eat decent cuz I only have this much to spend per day. Whatever works.... Three - I only buy for that day what I will eat so I am making better choices because I only have to worry about that day and I don't buy everything in sight to eat when I get home. Forth I don't have a Micro or oven/stove to cook shit I like.  Yes I am sick but if I have to get creative about food choices that I can't actually cook then I eat better too by limiting my choices even more.
3. FUCK I SAVE $$$ Cold hard cash! I would pay $800+ renting a friggen room here in paradise (Santa Barbara) where I can save that shit and put it in the bank.. My generation right now in this economy is pretty much shit out of luck for buying a house, etc... So this is my best chance of actually getting ahead financially in this economy. I could save a good amount of money over the next 2-4 years and then when the economy comes back and I get my career back on track I would have a down payment for a house right before the market starts to go up again. This is teaching me that I don't ever want to be in debt again! and that you can take control of your financial life even if you don't even have a job at the moment. There are always resources here in the good USA, ya it may be harder right now but we still have it better than anyone else does.

Made me feel like I was not the only one - today at the 12:00 noon meeting we had all guys and there was about 5 of us that were actively looking for work and can't find shit. It is brutal and you think to yourself when you are looking so hard and nothing is turning out that there must be something wrong with you but really a large part of it is that the economy sucks ass! I can't allow this fact allow me to feel like a victim the jobs are out there they are just harder to get right now. I feel good about lowering my pride and getting a security job that will pay the bills until I can land something good. I have to look at this shit as that way it really is and get some dam money flowing in. It is so weird not having any source of income coming in. It is good though desperation is the mother of inspiration and gets you off your ass and on the right track. I can still turn this shit into lemonade. Saving money is the real incentive and living simple.

Another good note: (I am full of good shit today)

I saved a cute new Pelican yesterday at the beach! I was having my daily nap and lunch with Charby and saw a pelican wash up on the beach and stumble up on the shore. All he could do was wobble around and sit there. There were some fucked up people of course walking up to him and taking pics but I got to use my brain and call animal control. I waited until they came and I must say they were really on the ball, they came in about 20 minutes. I flagged him down and he caught him/her with a net and put her in the truck to re-hydrate her. He said she was a new born and sometimes when they first learn to fly they get dehydrated and just crap out. He crapped out and it was lucky that I saw him and was there to call cuz they were only open for another 10 minutes. He would have had a bad night if I didn't call. Really made me feel great!