My 4th day of Camping

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SUCKS! Don't like it and feeling very shitty about the whole deal. Not a great day today but maybe tomorrow the day will better. The excitement of the whole thing has definitely worn off now. I feel bad for my cat (Charby) cuz all he is doing is covering up under the blankets and won't come out all day. I feel the worst for him, I am OK sleeping in the van but he does not like it all. He does come out at night and I feed him but I know he is not happy. He was abused when I adopted him and he is very skittish/old (12 years old) so the opening of the van door and other doors is not cool for him. Also cleaning up cat throw up in the morning when you wake up in your car is not really the way you want to start your day man... I would like to be waking up to someone else in a real bed and in a real house namely mine - OK enough wining for one day where is the fucken cheese right. 

Ya, so I woke up cleaned up the cat throw up and went to the gym and worked out, it was good and I started off good. I then went to fix the van with a mechanic from my old apartment complex and dropped off he car went to MacDonald's and called property management companies for work. I got a hold of someone in San Luis Obispo but I had to tell here that I could not afford to drive there to interview. It was part time and I just can't afford to go on interviews that are part time 1 1/2 hours away right now. This was probably not the job for me anyway. I could do part time here in Santa Barbara cuz I know the town and my gym is here, etc... So that was the only lead I got today. Then went and picked up the van from it's tune up, runs a lot better but I am now down to like $500.00  and that is it. As I drive around town I see homeless without a car to stay in and it is really scary. It makes me nervous and afraid of loosing all the money I have and really getting stuck in a place that I can not get out of or that will take me a ton of time to rebuild everything.  If I can get a job in the next couple weeks I can start to recover and at least be able to get to work, etc.. but if I have no gas money I don't know what I would do. OK, so ya I am a mess today and I am sure this is not helping anyone but maybe it will help me by getting it out on blogger. I took a nap at the beach about 3:00 to 7:00 and then went to an OA Meeting tonight from 7:30 to 8:30 and now am sitting in my home base (McDonald's) and writing this blog post. I will need to take a PM tonight to get to bed or maybe I can just read and that will do it? I will call a friend or two and go to bed. I need to get up early and go to the gym o I can go to a temporary agency and meet with a contact I made at a networking meeting I was attending on Friday mornings for TooTall's Pottery. He should be able to hook me up with something if I can pass there fucken bullshit tests they want you to take - I hate tests...  I am then just going to go form one end of the town to the next and fill out aps at every place I think would be good. I saw a Fed Ex guy in Taco bell at lunch and asked him if they were hiring and he said that they were and told me the location to apply so I will go there and go to a couple of other places friends have advised me to go. I need to keep a possitive attitude and just plan the action and leave the results up to God. Good night - Matt (TooTall)