Well today I have received a number of calls from some awesome friends!  I really appreciate all the calls and help people have given me through this trying time. I am waiting on a call for a job in Lompc to come in. It is a 12 unit Motel with a commercial space that I can use and a art studio for my Ceramic Business. I am soooo hopeful that God shows me the way real soon. I am having fun though seeing what is next and just having a open mind and going with the flow right now. I got a link for the Homeless in Santa Barbara Blog - Check it out! It is pretty cool and I want to expand on it. I was talking to my Sponsor John, he works for the County of Riverside down south working exclusively with the homeless. He suggested that I find a excising grant or have someone actually write a grant for a homeless program that I can work for. I could actually make a job for myself working for and helping the homeless in this area. I am going to investigate this soon. I will post what I find out. Since my NEW 5 week computer broke down and it has to be sent to the manufacturer (HP) assholes I am at the City of Goleta Library checking my e-mails and trying to type as fast as I possibly can because the clock on the screen says I only have 19 minutes left.. You only get a hour a day at this library. In the Blog they have some places that don't have timers in case you need a computer during the day for more than an hour. Ya, since I did not download the "Recovery Discs" from the start up menu of the computer now I have to pay $60.00 to HP for a new operating disc so lesson - download the discs.. Everything is a racket now days man... Anyway I am out of time till next time..