TooTall's Update!

I love my friends cat she is so cute she was on my bike this morning so I had to take the action picture... Kat (my friend) told me about this awesome SEO group that meets on every Thursday here in Santa Barbara at 5:30PM by the pier, here is the link if you are interetsed in advertising your website:

I am so excited to have my little Ceramic Tattoo Biz pick up a bit this month.. I made some $ and like doing art for a living.. It is nice to be in this point with all my equipment finally paid for and ready to start kicking some major ass with the biz. I had a great day yesterday - I am so excited I put my first $20.00 down on an artist at 805 Ink on State Street, real nice studio – classy and also an art gallery not your normal tattoo shop. Chad Westmorland is starting on a drawing for my new tattoo and the start of my full arm sleeve. We should get started this weekend sometime. I am going through a complete transformation! This is the next step in my vision for my dream. I bought a new wordrobe, I naird my back (very smoooooth and not easy to do yourself haha) going to loose about 20 -25 pounds, tanning every day (on my beach rock spot), will be working on some killer pieces for some major players in the Tattoo industry and will deliver them this month or next and I don't know, whatever else I can fucken think of haha... feels really good living my dreams and just having faith and fun.. Chad is drawing me a Japanese Tiger on a rock with some Cherry blossoms and wind that will sweep around my current tattoo. I will be adding Japanese styles and a colorful jungle theme for both of my arms and back. I will have a large elephant that my Grandfather drew on my back. I can’t wait to get some really good pieces I am proud of to take to a convention, maybe get on TV, etc… It will be really good to get inside the mind of someone in the industry too. I need that for the business and to get my name out. I made a sale yesterday for $500.00 so I said hey, I need to get started on the next level of the business and get some ink on me.. I am excited can you tell… Life is good!

The beach spot I love to go to and meditate. I sit or lay on top of the rock and meditate and tan. Life is a bitch..
The Elephant my Grandfather "Popo" Drew in 1975 when I was 4 years old.

Some of Chad's Tattoo Artwork:

P.S.  I just missed Nikki Sixx book signing in LA yesterday FUCK! I could have given him his vase man.. Oh well I will catch up with him.  He put the vase I made for him on his site here:   It is under the art section.. 

 I saw a very cool video of Nikki being interviewed on Good Day LA here