Pottery Studio today 3-2-11 Rock Necklaces, Bonsai Pot, Vase and Art Urn

Rock Necklaces and more Rock Necklaces... I have been stamping, glazing, firing, carving, inking, etc... these little buggers. I am going to enjoy giving them out though so it is all good.. I will be able to get these out of the kiln tomorrow and put a final red ink in the inside and string them.  Oh, I have to put them in baggies with my website addresses after that so that will be my calling card..

This is a wonderful handmade Bennie given to me by my good friend Patsy. I LOVE it! It keeps your head warm and I am getting a little less hair as I get older... I am going to make this my "new look". I will be wearing this a lot. It means so much when a good friend gives you something that they hand make for you. I just love giving and getting special things. My life as an artist is a good one and I am enjoying the hell out of it right now. Hard ass work but really gratifying..

This is the "Tiger Vase" I did for Bob my landlord for being so super cool with me in December.. I really hope this one comes out good in the kiln tonight. I made him wait a little longer cuz the first one I threw on the wheel cracked... I am going to paint this one with a red ink for the background, black outlines, another color red ink for the tattooed tribal and black ice glaze for the top and bottom. Should come out really nice. I am also going to give him a exotic wood base for it as well called "Wenge". It is a beautiful wood with black stripes running though it.
This is a Bonsai pot I am going to make for my poor little palm tree plant that has been waterlogged. It was a vase I was throwing and got a little thin.. It turned out to be a pretty cool shape and sometimes when you fuck up it can be a happy mistake.. This hopefully will turn out as well. I will fire it up tomorrow night. I used a glaze called "Tea Rose". Should be a pretty cool red glaze.
This is a special order art urn that I got this week. It was one of the first urns I made actually. It is a nice shape, with a very small base. I need to buy some earthquake putty and include this in the box cuz people freak about the small bases. I just think it looks really nice to have a sharp taper as you look down the piece, kinda like a womans...
This is the original urn I made about 10 year ago I am reproducing..