My latest Shit... Kat Von D. - Nikki Sixx - The Fighter - Beach Meditation...

I am so excited that the Nikki Sixx Vase I did might be on they e-mailed me yesterday and asked me if they could put it on the site. I would be so thrilled if they do. I will keep you guys posted... I would love to get a picture with him and the vase for the site. He is a cool dude and I really enjoyed making the vase for him. I know Kat Von D. and Nikki broke up but I like both of them and will make a piece for each one anyway.  Fuck what people say..

Went to Kat Von D.'s Wonderland Art Gallery yesterday in Hollywood.  Really think the gallery is cool and I hope to be able to put my ceramic tattoo art in the gallery soon. I will be working on a special piece for Kat Von D.  I went there with my good friend Bryan with Jewelry my Tattoo. He is going to try and get some of his jewelery pieces in the gallery as well.  I think our art is a great fit for this particular art gallery. We also of course went right next door to High Voltage Tattoo and checked it out. Totally cool almost all the people that were on the show were in the shop.  Michael (her brother) was at the front counter taking pics with fans, etc...  The shop smelled like a tattoo shop.. I can't wait to get my first real good tattoo there as soon as I hit the big time haha.. I want Kat to do a photo of my Mom and Nikko to do my sleeve. 

The beach and my meditation:  I love this little spot at the Goleta Beach.  It has a huge group of rocks and I like to sit on top of them and just chill, watch the beach and breath! I go after my AA meeting at 12:00PM. I ride my bike to the meeting and then go to my spot.  Life is fucken good right now. I hope I can keep doing what I am doing. I am going to work real hard on getting links for the site this week and getting my ceramic Tattoo Art out there to people that like it. That is all I can do just keep keepin on.. I have faith that God will bless my little business and something great will happen..

Really liked this movie "The Fighter"! Totally recommend it..