Going off of Facebook for good... Facebook Sucks!

Facebook can kiss my lilly white fucken ass! I went off for good yesterday because they sensor and they are just assholes in my opinion. They took off my art pictures of nude woman's breasts.  Fuck people, they are boobs get the fuck over it. Jesus you would think I put some porn up every day the way people run from nudity.  There is a difference and I will keep the nude art pictures of ladies on my site until Yahoo has a fucken problem with it I guess. I like Blogger cuz they don't care if you post what you want to.  I am a artist/man and I like to look at boobs Jesus Christ! 

The second reason I think Facebook is full of shit is that they limit you from friending a certain amount of people in a day. Because - They make money on ads and they know it is the most powerful networking tool out on the market and they want you to buy ads instead of being social, I thought is was called fucken social networking?  I guess I missed that part when I signed up and spent countless fucken  hours trying to be social. So I spent a few hours taking the Facebook logo off of everything,m site, etc... I am happier and I feel better than ever that I can live in a free Country and do what I want to still. 

My whole experience with social networking has been so fucked up. I have spent so many hours in front of this little dam computer screen trying to get my name out there and bring my art out to the world. It is a crock of shit at least for my little business. I will still do this blogging and spread it out as part of the my business plan but I will not spend countless hours of my life anymore trying to "friend" people and try to live my life on the web instead of going out into the world and enjoying the weather and actually smiling at someone in real life - wow what a concept. It felt so good to make that decision this week. It really is a problem in our society I think and one that will have its negative effects. I know there is a positive side to it all and you can meet some nice people which I have BUT you have to use it as a tool and put it in it's proper place in your life. I am an addict so I tend, no I know I obsess on everything and that is what I have done in this social networking for the last couple of years and I have really not gotten much out of it. Ya, I have a few friends from around their world and I am happy I have those friends, but the price of wasted time and energy on this shit is so not worth it in my evaluation over the last couple of years. My take is it is my fault in that I obsess over everything and In did not put it in its proper place in my life. I do have to take responsibility for it. What do you think?