working in the studio

Today was a very productive studio day. Spent the morning on the computer working on the site and listing a couple more celebs.. I listed Tommy Lee, I want to make a special piece of art for him a Bonsai Pot

I have a also been a huge fan of Tommy Lee and the way he looks, attitude, music, he is just cool. I was watching a show on Discovery or Biography something like that where Tommy said he liked bonsai and being out in the garden, shit like that. He was in the backyard chilling and just seemed like he was really enjoying himself being in nature. I can totally relate to that and I personally love to garden and just be in nature.  Tommy and his music has been a big inspiration for my ceramic Tattoo Art and I am going to really enjoy making him a custom Bonsai Pot.
I made some rock necklaces that I am planning on taking to the Musink tattoo convention this Saturday.  I am really excited to meet some of the great artists that i have been blogging about and putting on my sites. I will be giving out about 100+ of the rock necklaces at this tattoo convention. Lots of great contacts to make!
I also beaded my necklace that Bryan gave me form Jewelery my Tattoo. It looks pretty good. I wear this one when I get dressed up.. I wear the one above so I can pull it off my neck and give it to someone that I meet. They make great starting point for a discussion about my business and makes there day..