Work Day

I am so excited to have this dam stamp that my good friend at Jewelry My Tattoo gave me! I am having a lot of fun with it. Made some killer necklaces the last couple days. If you want one let me know.. I finally have had my vision come true and be able to give my signature medallions away to people I meet. I will be making a shit load of these and putting them in a little baggy with my website address, etc... and this will be my calling card and will actually replace my business card because the baggy will have all the business information on it.   

This is a video of the new signature Medallion I will be giving away to people I come in contact with on my travels.. 
 This is my new work station that I set up in my living room. I love it cuz it is buy the wall HEATER. I was getting way to cold outside.. So this little change is making me a lot more productive late at night.  I have been keeping a schedule of working late into the night so going out on the balcony at 4:00AM trying to carve is not cool. It is the little things like this that I wish I was smarter with and was able to be more observant of what I need to make me more productive (slow learner I guess). Once I learn it though watch the fuck out...


Sonya said…
Then I hope your travels bring you to MN. Those are very pretty!

Have a great weekend!
Thank you so much I hope I can get there too!