TooTall's Ceramic Tattoo Work Day

I am just going to talk about what I did for the work day yesterday (late last night) if nothing else just to keep me accountable for my actions and maybe a bit of a personal diary of my experiences here in Santa Barbara. Oh ya and maybe someone might read this Fucken post and COMMENT! Just kidding if you want to though I would totally appreciate any input you may have on my art and how you think I can improve it or whatever.. I have made a decision to go for more quality than quantity with my blog posts so look for some more original stuff - I will still be posting my Boob pics though have to do that.. 

I stayed up till 5:00AM glazing the Nikki Six piece I was working on. I hope it comes out of the kiln good today! I am going to go deliver it to him maybe next week. I want to go down to LA for the "Musink" Tattoo Ink Convention and may stay over at a friends house to see if I can go by the studio or something.  I am trying to get some celebrity exposure for my art business. Nikki has a bad ass radio show called Sixx Sense and I would like to have my picture taken with him, etc.. for my website. Hopefully I will be taking a great picture of it and posting it on tomorrows blog...

I am also so excited to have this AWESOME Stamp (video of it below) that my good friend Bryan at Jewelry My Tattoo gave to me. I love it and it has completed a artist vision I have had now for about 8 years actually. I have always thought it would be great to have a stamp of my tattoo and artists logo to make these little Medallions to give away to people that purchase my art. I like to just give them away to people that I meet on the street or whatever too. People really like to get something from a complete stranger.  I take a piece of clay and smush it into a small mound, let it dry for a few hours and then carve it like a rock that you would find on the beach. I then glaze it with a glaze called "black Ice" this is my signature glaze, it is like a black mirror - you can see yourself in it. I put some red Tattoo ink in the middle and string some beads to finish the piece. I like this red Tattoo ink I got because it has a nice yellow tint to it. I will be making a lot of these in the weeks to come so if you would like one I will be glad to give you one just let me know... 

Finished TooTall Necklace 

TooTall Necklace You Tube

Below is the latest handmade ceramic plate I have completed. It is a special plate I have done for a very special friend of mine and I will be giving it to her on Saturday It is my artist interpretation of a blue willow plate. I liked the idea when she gave it to me, to incorporate blues and whites. I use a white or clear crackle glaze a lot so this was a good match. I also have been really learning on how to use the tattoo inks that I have to paint with on my pottery. It is a great medium for me to work with! They have a high density pigment and the versatility that it gives me in working with it on the ceramic bisque. You can re-constitute or dilute it with water, etc... very cool.  

When I was in the process of completing this plate I leaned a lot about the vision I want my pottery business to go into with tattoo art. I am learning a lot every day at this point.  I am finally set up and running and it feels great to be able to produce some art instead of worrying about getting everything "right" so I can start to be productive. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I am just sucking it up and making myself do my art and get it out there. It is a scary thing to put your heart and soul out to the world on a regular basis and be true to that. Artists will understand what I am talking about. I have been afraid of producing my art because I was afraid of loosing what I have again and having to start all over. I recently learned at an AA meeting yesterday that I was acting in "self centered fear" by being afraid of loosing everything. I thought I just didn't have enough faith and was scared but really when you think about it it is a form of selfishness to be afraid of something you should be doing like producing the art I was meant to no matter what happens. I only have today, I wish I could remember that every day and live happy, but I seem to forget so often.. Thank God for my meetings and the people in them! 

This is a Collie Pet Urn that I carved from a design that Maria my good friend in Italy drew for me this week. I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life to help me with my art.  We are going to split the profits of the sale of Pet Urns that I will list on the other sites that carry my art. She is a great artist.  This is a Collie and we will be doing a collaboration of several dog breads in tribal design so look for these in the upcoming weeks to follow. 

Maria drew this Tribal Cat that we did together about 6 months ago.