Morales Funeral Home Steels Ceramic Art Urns from Starving Artist

It's not the fucken $ it is the principle!!! OK, actually it is about the $ too cuz I am a fucken starving artist and don't need assholes steeling my art from me but these fuckers did! I thought I would express my first negative opinion on this growing blog this morning and try to send it to as many fucken people and news agencies I could today. I need to start getting the word out about my business anyway and was going to make it a point to make a huge list of media today/this month to send out PR releases (this one will be in).  I am not trying to be an asshole or someone that is hateful cuz that is not what my art is about but these fucken assholes deserve every bit of this negative PR! I will make it a special project to put as much bad shit out there as I can about these fuckers... 

Steve Ponce was the original asshole that I dealt with at this shithole establishment. I contacted him through Facebook and asked him if I could send him some of my art urns to be on consignment. He said ya I would love to show your art here.  I then proceeded to ask my friend to help me buy this digital photo album so I could load some pictures of my art on it so that it would look fancy on there shelves with some of my art. The whole thing took me and my friend like probably 20+ hours of time and about $300.00 of mine and someone else hard earned money. A few weeks went by, I called Steve and he said ya people will like them just give it some time. I then tried to contact him again about a month later on Facebook - No answer - again - no fucken answer - Called his personal cell several times - no fucken answer - Called the Funeral Home - no fucken answer or call back. He put me off for a good 2 weeks and never did call me back. I then called the secretary and asked for someone different to talk to and she gave me to Gilda some other not so professional person she is a lady so I won't call her to many bad names and hey at least she did talk to me after I called her about 10 times (no shit). I am not thrilled with her either. She said that she would send the picture frame and I believe she tried but it got sent back or something after I had to call her again per her. I tried to call her back again and again with no answer or call back after I did not receive the dam digital picture frame. I finally yesterday called the owner and he hung up on me after saying I was rude to his staff, what a crock of bullshit! Steve Ponce is a thief and this Funeral Home is FUCKED! I hate pussy little thieves. If this asshole would like to come to California and pay me a visit I WELCOME it! Come on down MF. I may actually have to pay them a visit. I have some friends in Houston TX and will make it a point to do this in the near future. Funny thing was after telling this owner yesterday that I would pay him a visit - Guess who fucken called me twice yesterday - (STEVE PONCE) funny how a tone and a inference of a threat can get some assholes on the phone pretty fast. I never answered the call and don't intend to waste any more time on these assholes until I go down to TX personally or they come on down to Santa Barbara. This is not a threat of course cuz I would not want to break any fucken Internet or government rules on stalking or threatening to harm someone I just want to "talk" two these two assholes. It is a free Country and I am just practicing my fifth amendment of free fucken speech this morning cuz fuck it I am on unemployment (like half the fucken State of California).  Sad state of some people like this and I totally hope that karma bites these fuckers in the ass ASAP!

This is there contact e-mail:

If you would like to contact them and express your concern about there thievery, I would greatly appreciate it.
2901 Canal St.
Houston Texas 77003
(713) 223-1167