Marilyn Monroe

yn Monroe captivated the world with her beauty, glamour, and unabashed sex appeal. Born with mousey brown hair and the non-distinct name of Norma Jean Mortenson, Marilyn re-invented herself and rose to fame in the 1950s portraying bubbly, sometimes ditzy and always curvaceous blonde bombshells in Hollywood films.
She overcame a childhood of foster homes, an absent father, and a disturbed mother to become a model, singer and award-winning actress. But her sex kitten persona left her pigeonholed in shallow roles and alone. Having sacrificed her first marriage to pursue an acting career, the failure of her second marriage to baseball great Joe DiMaggio would be blamed on her demanding career and increasing sexual image. Her third marriage to playwright Arthur Miller ended when career frustrations, self-doubt, and depression began to consume her.
Marilyn Monroe is a 20th century icon representing the glamour, sexuality and tragedy of fame in Hollywood.

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