Jewelry My Tattoo

Bryan Blaha with Jewelry My Tattoo

Bryan is a good friend of mine and I am proud to introduce his handcrafted Jewelry here on this blog.  I totally recommend him as a fine jewelry maker and someone that frankly kicks some major ass in his craft.  I just received this awesome handmade stamp and necklace in the mail from Bryan today and I am thrilled. The stamp is awesome for me as a ceramic artist because I can use it to stamp my custom logo into each piece that will be the same every time. It means a lot to me to have this special piece!  I love the necklace as well!  I will where it forever and it really is so cool and a great feeling to be able to wear my tattoo as a piece of jewelry around my neck. I totally get his vision and inspiration for his business. We are like minded artists as far as having the art of tattooing inspire us and our craft.  It is great to have someone like this as a friend. Check this video I did of the pieces I just received from Bryan.

This is my Tattoo:  I had my artist signature tattooed on my right arm about 10 years ago and I had the "flying panther" done when I was eighteen. I hope to get a full sleeve done soon with a jungle theme by the many tattoo artists that inspire my art. 
This is what the stamp looks like when I stamp it into the bottom of each piece I produce. It is awesome to have this stamp and I feel so proud that my friend made it for me. 
 This is the necklace - Totally Awesome! 

This video is Bret Michael's receiving a piece from Brian.

This is video is the band Korn receiving a piece from Brian.


Jewelry My Tattoo
9654 W 131st St
Suite 320
Palos Park, IL 60464 USA

Visit Bryan's website to check out all of his wonderful art pieces.