Art Against Breast Cancer

Every year, millions of women worldwide die from breast cancer. And despite the fact that the disease itself – is not fatal if to reveal its early stages. That’s because worldwide, the campaign urging women annually examined by doctors.
Body-Art-Breast-Cancer-Three posters created by creative agency DDB, astonishingly skillful artistic fulfillment. They depict women’s breasts, painted a very talented artist named Andy Yang Soo Kit.
He created the bodies of models, some interesting patterns in which women’s breasts have become part of the same female face, hair, buttocks.
Body-Art-BreastThese pictures the artist apparently wanted to show that women’s breasts – very important as an aesthetic and practical sides of the female body. Therefore, we must at least once a year to be screened at mammologist. Then there will be more likely to preserve it, in the case of breast cancer.