Tina Guide - Painter, Sculptor, Artist in Chicago

I want to introduce you to Tina Guide a friend of mine and one great artist! You can find more of her artwork on her website, follow this link.

Artists use art to talk about their feelings, give opinions, make statements.  Aren'’t we always trying to figure things out? Trying to make sense of the universe?  I am. Art is the means to this end.

About me and my vision
Even though I’ve been making art all my life, I’ve only recently begun to promote my own work –  I’m finding myself perfectly comfortable inside my skin as an artist.

I speak Portuguese and lived abroad as an American ex-patriot in Brazil for 13 years. I went there to paint the light! My large abstract series is rooted in that time. These images might be likened to brain synapses. They are illustrated moments of connection, physically expressed in calligraphic fashion and filled with color as intense as each individual synapse experience. I refer to them as my garden of images according to a dream I had - I saw them all floating above a fenced-in rectangular space in the middle of an arid landscape.

I love to draw people and am strongly influenced by the masters in technique and vision. I find individual essences and personalities intriguing and enjoy expressing my interpretation of these in my art.

My stylized images fall in the middle spectrum between realism and abstract, balancing the extremes. I find a lot of pleasure in these as they dictate less to me about internal matters. They happen spontaneously when I play with my medium and exercise my skills in drawing and as colorist.


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