Sandi Dihl 1953-2010

I just found out yesterday that my friend Sandi passed away from a terminal illness. It made me very sad and I have been an admirer of her ceramic art for a long time now. I know that her work with ceramic urns have created a lot of comfort for the people that were fortunate enough to have one of her original art pieces. She was an inspiration for me to keep going with my little urn business and I just loved her work. She was an excellent ceramic artist and I wish I had more of her photos that were once on my site so that I could share more photos of her work. I used to look at this picture with her and her dog on the beach and say I want to be that potter that lives by the beach and be able to go to the beach and be inspired to create my pottery every day.  I now live that dream and am here in Goleta going to the beach every day like Sandi and creating art.  She touched my life and I know that she touched several lives. ]