Breast Cancer Awareness

I had a neighbor of mine about 8 years ago that passed away from Breast Cancer way to early she was about 27 years old and had three beautiful kids.  I remember I just started doing pottery and I had my potters wheel set up in the garage, they lived right across the street and I used to watch there kids play in the street.  When she got sick my wife and I used to fix a meal once a week to help them out with the kids and stuff. Should have done more, but you should always done more.. It was so sad to see such a beautiful; person dying of this disease. 

It made an impact on me, I just recently thought about supporting this charity with TooTall's Pottery because of the nude art I have been placing on my website. There was definitely a theme to my nude pictures and that was "Boobs" Yes, I am a boob man and yes - they actually inspire the art I do. Pottery is a very tactile, sensual experience and one that hits me to the core of my soul.  I love it best when I am "Dancing with the clay" that means I am listing to my music and it feel as though my spirit is dancing. It is about the best experience I can think of and that is one of the many reasons I love playing in clay so much. Anyway, I digress, I want to give 5% of the proceeds of TooTall's Pottery to the Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Resource Center. I spoke to a representative at this organization this morning and I will be meeting with them on Monday to discuss the donation schedule and ways that I can get involved in this specific charitable organization. I am excited about it and it gives even more meaning to the art I produce. I will be making a Breast Cancer Urn with a pink ribbon. Maybe I can donate some urns to this oprganization as well. Lots of opportunity to give and that is what TooTall's Pottery is all about. 

So, if anyone has some experience with this charity in the Santa Barbara area or anywhere really and would like to help me out with some information I would greatly appreciate it. I will be posting many more blogs on this topic so look for more posts soon...
Thanks, Matt