The art of Jim Warren

 The art of Jim Warren
Romance seems so, well, romantic at sunset.

Jim Warren is my favorite artist. He is so good, and I met him at one of Wyland's art gallery openings about 10 years ago when I was first starting out as an artist. The painting above "Romance" is a painting that is special to me.  I always wanted to get this original work for my bedroom. It was what I thought of when I was with my wife Jamie. She also loved his work. Jamie has passed away, seeing this totally reminds me of her and the great times we had together. We used to always stalk Wyland and Jim to get the latest posters and then have them framed for the house. I will include some more pictures of some of my favorite works of this great, talented artist below.  Please visit his website to see more of this incredible art. 

Childs Play
Circle of Freinds
As an artist I tend to learn from people what the popular subjects are, one of the most popular being Mermaids. I think their popularity comes from the fact that we would all love to have the ability to live above, as well as below the water, and be able to swim with dolphins and other amazing creatures we normally only see at the marine aquariums.

Colors of the Rainbow
lighting is one of the very most important elements of my paintings. In fact I often start with the light, which direction it comes from, the color and the brightness of it. Then all else in the painting is light and shadows according to the light.

Dream Walker
Wouldn't it be fun if we could actually walk into our dreams and experience it? At least the good dreams anyway.

Dream Watcher
Dream Watcher, with all it's symbolism one can find in it, to me is just a visual treat much like a french circus clown.
Dream Lover

Earth - Love it or Lose it
The early 90s were a time for environmental awareness. As always, I am inspired by the times I am in which gave me the idea to have a concerned child (symbolizing the future) watching as the earth deflates like a balloon. Earth-Love it or Lose it was used on magazine covers, billboards, t-shirts etc and became the visual representation of the environmental movement of the 90s.
Hopefully this was not just a passing fad.

Fire and Ice
Like nature, woman have their diverse and unpredictable sides.

Friends of Mother Nature
Good Morning
Island Dream
Have you ever had the feeling while relaxing in a beautiful environment such as Hawaii, where you start to feel as if you are a part of that environment?