New Art Urns from TooTall's Pottery

This is the latest carvings below.  I did another dragon urn for my friend in Ventura Ca. I placed the initials on the back of the urn in Japanese writing.  I think it turned out pretty good and want to do more Japanese lettering.  The person that I am making this particular urn for wanted a dragon tattoo on his arm before he passed away. He never got one so I was very honored to have carved this dragon urn for him. It is drying right now and will be ready in a few days.  I am will be putting a exotic wood called "Wenge" on the top for the lid with a black rock.  The Dragon urn will be one of my top sellers I am sure.
 I placed the Japanese lettering over the back end and it has a nice curvature naturally. I just put the initials of the person into Word and translated the letters into Japanese.
 This is how it looks after I use a ball point pen to outline it and then pull the paper off to use a v-tool to carve out the outline.  I also use the Tattoo Machine to add texture to the piece.

 I then go onto carve out the Dragon part.
 This is the newest Coy fish I am working on this week. I like the Tattoo Machine shading for the water.  I will ink the water with a blue ink and probably use a airbrush paint to paint the coy/lotus flower. I use drill bits for the water droplets.

 Tinker Bell - I just made this one for my friend.  They don;t know it yet but they will around Christmas.... Turned out pretty nice..