Infinity Symbol - Latest Art I am working on...

I just carved this tribal eye last night. I am really getting into the tattoo gun and enjoying using it as a carving tool. It is very adjustable and flexible to change the way you carve with it. This is a small one and will be a pet urn. I am still waiting on the pet urn designs from my friend in Italy that is going to draw tribals of all the dog and cat silhouettes. They are going to be bad as when I get them... For now I have been looking in my tribal books I have purchased and getting design ideas on the web.
Also did some work on this tribal design I found on  the web. I like the swirly effect and it was fun to carve.  I am still thinking about eh ink color and background color. If anyone has any thoughts on color choices I would appreciate it.

I threw these last night on the wheel the funny looking "woman shape" vase is a "infinity Vase" I am working on for my new friend Andrew, he helped me with my website and I really appreciate it!  He made me a very cool logo and banner and gave me lots of advise. Anyway, I am making him this infinity vase, I will carve it tonight. I am going to put a infinity sign in the front of it and a circle dragon on the back, should look very unique and may be a hot selling urn? I liked the idea when he told me that he liked the infinity symbol. I should be carving this anyway that I make custom urns.
 Like this standing closet I have in my studio to put the pieces on to dry them against the wall heater..
 Infinity Urn

This is a tribal shark that I did, like this one.. It should be pretty cool. This will be a shinny black color when I am done with it and I will fill in the tattoo machine marks with a blue ink symbolizing water.