Dragon Vase urn by TooTall's Pottery

 This dragon vase that I designed for a good friend of mine was so fun and frustrating to make.  I was expecting to have it done yesterday but I had problems.. It seems like sometimes they just don't want to be made and sometimes you just have to push through and take after it the next day and that is what I did with this one. Yesterday I messed around with different colored black and red paints, inks, enamels, etc... and I just could not seem, to get the combo right.  I was very frustrated and finally gave up and went to bed.  Before I went to bed I thought I would put it in the kiln and have the ink burned off and it almost killed me from the vapors that came off.. So I stopped the kiln and picked it back up this morning. When I got it out of the kiln I was pleased to see I didn't totally ruin it.  I took it out and started applying a paint called patio paint and this was excellent because it did show brush strokes. I then used a fine needle point to apply a airbrush paint called Createx.  I really like using these colors because they are very bright and really pop on the piece. Then I used a deep blood red ink that I got from the art store and filled in the Tattoo carvings.  I then used a red glitter glue to pop the eyes.  I finally put a coat of Deft varnish on the piece.  Made a Wenge wood base for it.  I think it turned out really nice for my first intricate dragon vase..
What do you think?
Thanks, Matt


Anonymous said…
As the recipient of this thoughtful and exquisite peice, I can honestly say... I have never seen more beautiful artwork! The detail is quite remarkable. The tatoo gun adds a texture to each peice, which was perfect for the tail and mane. Your discipline for detail and precision makes each and every peice a "one of a kind" in every person's home. Thank you again for your generousity!Darcee