Pottery on the wheel by TooTall's Pottery New Tribal design carving...

Custom made pottery on the pottery wheel.. I LOVE it!  It is so nice to be doing my art full time again.  I love my little studio, it sooooo cozy and nice to work in.  I just went down to K-Mart and got some lights and a throw rug for carving in the living room.  This way I can stay in out of the cold and don;t have to work on the balcony tonight.  I took a nap and will be up for a wile tonight... It is just the thing to catch all the little scraps of clay that come off when I do my carving.  I am going to work on some "Pet Urns" tonight, carving some paws and cat faces, etc...   God has blessed me so much by putting me in this little beautiful spot. Charby (the second man of the house) is talking a lot tonight.. I love my good friend, he is an "oldster" about 12 years old I think.  I adopted him when I moved here about 6 months ago.  He has been a great addition to the studio.

Anyway, I am supposed to be blogging... Blogging is my newest way to try and get the word out about my arts and crafts business. I thought about doing a how to make pottery video class but I don't want to get that intense.. So I will keep taking pictures and posting/writing.. So if you are reading this somewhere in the great bloggesphere please link to my site, do a story on me or somehow help me get the good word out about my little pottery business. Ok - plug - Oh this nice person - new friend - (Sid) I met online today did a story on me and included a picture of the new cat urn I did - THANKS!
Anyway, this is the latest work from yesterday's carving session. I carved a tribal bird, tribal fox/dog and a white tiger for my Dad. I really enjoyed carving the tiger and I hope I can make many more of these.. It is a bold design and kinda old school, I like it. I think the bird and fox will pop against the shinny black background.  What do you guys think of the "Wall Hangings"? I like the abstract form and they give me a good canvas to carve/paint on.  It is something that I want to be "cool" for the Tattoo Convention I want to attend in the near future.. I want to set up a booth and show when I get this new technique of tattooing and pottery down.  I think it will be my niche.. The tattoo gun is really enjoyable to use and I really am excited about the new Indian ink that I put inside the carving against the white crackle background.