New Wall Hangings...

I got some cool black chain for my new wall hangings, it is called "Rebel Shine".  I found it at the crafts store here in Goleta.  I just went kinda color nuts with the tribal bird.. I even put some "glitter glue" on the beak hahaha. I used airbrush paint and then put a clear glitter glue over that, pretty cool effect I think.  The lotus flower was the first wall hanging I have done.  I plan on doing many more of these like the turtle, dragon, etc... These are a lower price point item and something that I think will sell good at art shows. I can't wait to do the Santa Barbara art show again. I miss the show and the nice people. Maybe I can go again soon, I think I would like to go during the month of December to get the Christmas rush.  Anyway, let me know what you guys think as usual..
Thanks, Matt