funeral urns for sale - Affection Art Urn by TooTalls Pottery

“The affections are like lightning: you cannot tell where they will strike till 
they have fallen.”

“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness
there is in our lives.”

funeral urns for sale at tootallspottery in Santa Barbara Ca.

I made a special trip today to Camarillo Ca. to talk to some Funeral Home Owners.  I ran into some really nice people that totally liked my art urns. It was a great trip and I will definitely be going back to Camarillo and Oxnard to try and get some of my art urns into some funeral homes. Took the Bike (motorcycle) and it was a good ride along the beautiful central coast... I left about 8:00AM. I always like to stop at Rose Ave. to have some McDonald's breakfast.. One of the Funeral Homes showed me the top selling urn boxes.  These urn boxes were nice but I think my handmade creative urns will be the cremation urns sale. I didn't notice if they had small pet urns?  I make small pet urns too, I should let them know that the next time I go to Camarillo.

I offer the above affordable urns at the low retail price of $375.00 including Free Shipping.  The butterfly urns are probably my biggest sellers so far.  These elegant urns are of the highest quality and I also make some bird urns, butterfly urns, dolphin urns, bird urns, small pert urns, etc... Urn boxes I don't make because I specialize in throwing funeral urns for sale on the potters wheel.  Urn boxers are just too hard to put together right now.  You never know in the future I may explore something like this.. If I had a customer that wanted urn boxes I would give it a try. My creative urns are of tattoo designs and different animals mainly.Urn designs can be anything for me, I love that about my art urns right now.  I can make any urn design you can think of.  I can make sports urns, ocean theme urns, tattoo urns, etc,.. Whatever the person was into I can make.  I welcome special orders of any kind.  I need to make some more small pet urns.  

Funeral preparations are hard for every one and that is why I have included some links on my home page of some helpful bereavement links.  I also have a link to a great site where you can purchase more urn obtain more funeral products. has a very wide variety of funeral urns for sale.  They have ceramic urns, small pet urns, metal urns, bronze urns, biodegradable urns, a whole list of art urns for every need.  If you can't find what you are looking for at TooTall's Pottery I totally recommend as your one stop source for all of your funeral preparation needs. You can find here.