Dragon Tattoo Art TooTall's Pottery and the cast of Miami Ink

Dragon Tattoo Art:  This is the latest piece I have been working on, I finished the carving today.  It is the best piece so far for me personally.  I have been wanting to make this piece actually for about 6 years now.  Sometimes art inspiration and what you have in your mind takes a while to come out into the physical form.  I am finally at a place where I can produce what I have been wanting to.  I really would like to take this piece down to Kat Von D. and see if she will put the piece in her new art gallery. I tried to get on her show once and will try again. Maybe she would be willing to let me on now that I am set up and am working?  So Kat or any of the original Miami ink cast reads this please call me! Thanks... I will be inking this one with black India ink and then laying in some bright red paint in the carving. I will make a Wenge exotic wood base for it as well.

When I think of dragon tattoo art I think of Chris Garver from Miami Ink. I guess really he was the first one I watched on TV that gave me the idea of tattooing on pottery. His work is wonderful, you can see more of it by following this link. Other artists on the show included - Kat Von D., Ami James, Yojiro Harada, Chris Nunez, and Darren Brass.

Go inside the colorful, painful, intriguing world of tattoo artistry with MIAMI INK! Ami, Darren, Chris Garver, Chris Nunez and apprentice Yoji are friends, business partners and competitive rivals.

This motley crew of cutting edge, humorous and well-regarded young guys opened a custom tattoo parlor that has drawn interest from the likes of celebrities such as "Murderball" star Mark Zuppan and surfer Sonny Garcia. Joining the gang in several episodes is popular Season 1 female tattoo artist...

Kat Von D. is a wonderful portrait artist.  
Latest News 11/25/10:  ad news for LA Ink star Kat Von D. Not only did her very cool house burn down while she was away in Canada promoting her new book The Tattoo Chronicles, but her pet cat was trapped in the house and died in the fire.
Reality star Kat Von D is in mourning after her house burnt down with her cat trapped inside.
“R.I.P. My little Valentine” the tattoo artist tweeted, along with a picture of the hairless pet, thought to have died in the blaze. “My house burned down last night with my cat inside,”

Chris Garver is a awesome tattoo artist and does wicked tigers and snakes, etc...

Ami James Also an excellent artist and I would like to go to his shop someday.
The tough guy. Ami has a sharp tongue and a hot temper. Born in Israel, Ami, 33 and single, has been in Miami since the age of 12. Some of his family still lives in Israel, so he rarely sees them — his friends have become his family. He feels that many of today’s artists have no respect for the time-honored traditions of tattoo.

Ami got his first professional tattoo at age 15 – a dragon. Eighteen years later, he still has a passion for ink; his body is a canvas of tattoos. Ami began tattooing at 20 years old. He started by working out of his house and soon became an apprentice, learning the art of his trade.
Ami loves cars, painting and free-style fighting.

Yojiro Harada
Latest News 11/25/10:  Great, great weekend for Darren, Garver and Yoji in San Diego at the Hard Rock (http://www.hardrockhotelsd.com/). The event was a huge success, and the bidding will officially take place on eBay and through the Hard Rock San Diego’s website after Wednesday of this week (we’ll have the updates). Of course, all the work will benefit will.i.am’s Peapod Foundation (http://www.peapodfoundation.org/). As you can see, plenty of media covered the event, including the LA Times (http://www.latimes.com/), which ran this picture in their Sunday edition.

Chris NunezThe ladies' man. Chris, 33, is of Cuban descent and grew up in Miami. He entered into the realm of tattooing after beginning his career as a graffiti artist.

At 21, Chris packed his bags for a short trip to Brazil and ended up staying for five years. He then traveled throughout Europe for three years, which enabled him to work with all of his favorite tattoo artists. The experience expanded both his artistic sense and his knowledge of tattooing.
Chris' father died when he was young. He got his first tattoo, a hand-poked tattoo of a cross, at age 16. Besides tattooing, he likes to have a good time and enjoys being the life of the party.

Darren Brass
Latest News11/25/10:  COMING SOON! With Miami Ink’s Darren Brass at the helm, the artist’s graphical background goes into overdrive as he creates two visually stimulating versions of the Manteca with DC Shoes. Inspired by themes of fruit, the Grapes of Wrath and Peach Basket both take literal interpretations of the concepts.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning:

If you have been thinking about dragon tattoos but wanted more information on them before you committed to a new tattoo, you might be surprised to know there are several meanings to this creature. Depending on the type of dragon tattoo you get, it will bring a different meaning. One of the more popular types of dragons that people get tattooed is the Chinese dragon. The meaning behind this tattoo is based upon how the Chinese view dragons. This tattoo will symbolize wisdom and good will, which is how the ancient Chinese saw their dragons as. Getting this tattoo symbolizes good will in your future.


A dragon tattoo from Japan represents balance. The dragon is seen as a creature that is able to balance the yin and the yang of life. If you get this type of tattoo, you could be trying to find balance in your life. This is great for people with a hectic life because all they have to do is look at their tattoo and they can find balance. There also are Celtic dragons that are thought to bring order to their kingdom. This is similar to the balance of Japanese dragons. In ancient Celtic times, they would depict dragons sitting on thrones, which represented how much power they had.

In the Western part of the world, a dragon tattoo represents a much darker creature. To them, dragons were seen as beasts. Therefore, the actual tattoo would differ a lot from the Eastern dragons, which is where dragons are seen as kind and intelligent beings. In modern day culture, dragons are seen as an intelligent and free creature. For many people these days, having this type of tattoo symbolizes the freedom you have in your world, as well as the wisdom that you can possess.
Another reason to get a dragon tattoo is as a way to represent freedom is if you feel trapped in your life. You can get the tattoo as a way to tell yourself that you have freedom. You just have to be able to find it and be inspired to use that freedom. You also can get the tattoo as a way to symbolize the power you have. This can be physical or spiritual power. They both can be found in the form of a dragon. Because it has such a storied history, it is no wonder that the dragon is one of the most popular tattoos around.

Please let me know what you think of this idea of Tattooing on pottery. I want to take it to Tattoo conventions, etc,...
Thanks, Matt