The Dragon Craving...

This is the latest carving I am doing of a Dragon Vase. This is a Birthday present (if it turns out) I hope! I like this piece, it is the most detailed piece of pottery I have created so far.  It took me  about 1 hour to trace the design.. I will carve it out and then use the tattoo gun to carve out some of the spots of the dragon.  It will be a black inked background.  Maybe I can take this picture when it is done to some local galleries.
As usual tell me what you think PLEASE....
Thanks, Matt

So, check back and see what the finished piece looks like..
Thanks, Matt

Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures. The descend from various legends, telling tales of fire-breathing, winged creatures.
There are two different dragons that you'll commonly see- the Eastern and the Western dragons. The Eastern dragons of the orient are seen as benevolent creatures who are the protectors of life, fertility, and good fortune. The Western dragons tend to be the evil creatures that destroy villages and guard hoards of treasure.
As a tattoo, dragons are usually represented in the form of the Eastern dragon and of oriental styles. Dragon tattoos are normally seen in black and commonly drawn with flames and fire. But, Japanese and Chinese dragon styles are usually pretty ornate and can be in color or black and white shades.
It's up to you as to what dragon style you choose for your tattoo.
Dragons are a popular tattoo among both men and woman, each person finding a different reason and symbolism behind the dragon.

Dragon Tattoo Pictures

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Flickr Images: stotker: dragon tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker(by Ray Tutty, The Tattoo Studio, Pentre, Rhondda, South Wales)(by Jonas Guzman, Tattoo By Nutz, Recto Manila, Philippines)(by Rheet, The Shop, Birmingham Al)(by Bj, Big Daddy's, Riverside Drive in Clarksville TN)
Flickr Images: stotker: dragon tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker
Flickr Images: stotker: dragon tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker

Meaning of Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos can have different meanings to different people. It's all depending on how you see the mythical creature and as to what design you choose.
In general men tend to use dragon tattoos to represent:
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Raw power and force
  • Wisdom and reason
  • Protectors of sacred items
Many men tend to associate with the dragon which is why they get dragon tattoos. Some men see themselves as guardians over loved ones, so since the dragon tends to symbolize protection, it fits the mold of a guardian.
In general, woman tend to use dragon tattoos to represent:
  • Creator
  • Protector of life
  • Strength
Because woman are those who give birth, they can be seen as a creator of life. Women can associate with the dragon in terms of protection and children; in most cases, mothers will protect their children till the end. Women may see the strength of the dragon and see it embodied in themeselves.
For the most part, there are many different meanings of a dragon tattoo, so each individual and each dragon will represent something a little different.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Pictures

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(by Joe Finch @ INK BY FINCH TATTOO STUDIO (SINGAPORE))(by unknown)(by Jay Marceau, D-Markation, Quebec city, Canada)(by Joe Finch @ INK BY FINCH TATTOO STUDIO (SINGAPORE))Flick Images: Vampire Black Cat: Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

Chinese dragons are the symbols of power and mystery as depicted in Eastern and Western legends. The dragon evoked fear and worship in man.
Although, there's a bloodthirsty, medieval ferociousness in dragons, in oriental cultures, they see the mythical beast for its benevolent features. The dragon is the most commong symbol of identity for Far Eastern cultures.
Types of Oriental dragons include:
  • The horned dragon is seen as the mightiest dragon.
  • The Celestial Dragon is the dragon that supports the heavans and protects the Gods.
  • The Earth Dragon rules the earth.
  • The Spirirtual Dragon controls wind and rain.
  • The Treasure Dragon is the keep or precious metals and gems.
  • The Winged Dragon is the only one depicted with wings.
  • The Coiling Dragon lives in the oceans.
  • The Yellow Dragon is the hornless dragon known for knowledge.

Placement of a Dragon Tattoo

Men usually place dragon tattoos on their:
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
Women usually place dragon tattoos on their:
  • Shoulder
  • Nape/ Upper Back
  • Side
  • Ankle
  • Foot

Pictures of Dragon Tattoos

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(by Roy, Addictions, Chingford)(by Stacy A.J. Knight., Dragon FX Kingsway Garden Mall, Edmonton)(by Juh, Empório Tattoo, São João del Rei, MG, Brazil)(by Justin Duncan, Freaks on Broadway, Kansas City, MO)(by Matt "Daddyo", Nathans Anthems Tattoo, Redding)(by Jukka from Needle Point)(by Katherine Rewus, Dragon FX kingsway, Edm, AB, Ca)(by Dave, Skincraft, Cincinnati, OH)Flickr Images: Le Silly: dragon tattoo 1(by Kondo, Kondo´s Tattoo Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
(by Roy, Addictions, Chingford)
(by Roy, Addictions, Chingford)


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