"POSTCARDS FROM SANTA BARBARA" a daily painting project by plein air artist Chris Potter

Chris Potter
I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Goleta, California. It's a place nestled between the Pacific coast and the Santa Ynez Mountains. As a child I was left free to roam, so I spent most of my time exploring the bluffs and the beaches near our home. It was easy to become fascinated with the natural world as I had tons of open fields populated with lizards, snakes and bunnies. There are eucalyptus groves filled with monarch butterflies and of course the waves of the pacific ocean and all the sea life abound. These years built a foundation of great appreciation and wonderment of nature. At the university I decided that I would make some sort of art everyday. I have developed a dedication and habit of creating art. When I go outside, hike to some beautiful vista and set up my easel, I get this overwhelming sense of expectation and potential. I believe that if I continue on this path of observation and expression I will be able to unravel some of my own and nature's mysteries.

"Jacaranda's on Valerio"
12 x 16 inches
oil on panel


If you didn't know, Valerio essentially goes through to the ocean. This a view from the Westside just before it turns up the hill and over to the Mesa. If you don't live here but will visit, I recommend you take this drive. You get views like this and then you get to one of the best local beaches: Mesa Lane. Not a bad route to pick out a few painting subjects either.